Long live The Queens!

A year ago, this month, we lost a great fashion genius.  Alexander McQueen.  Tonight, in the sky, he will be holding his head up high, smiling at his legacy Sarah Burton, who has created a magnificent collection.

Sarah Burton showcased this collection in Paris, a city with its own world renowned distinctive beauty, a perfect setting for showcasing the McQueen Spring / Summer 2012 collection.  I adored each piece, beautiful cut lengths, intricate detail, pieces in cream, yellow with golden yellow fringing, lilac pleats, and black and silver accessories, touches for evening dresses in the current popular long length at back and short at front.  I saw these and immediately thought Snow White, sorry but your evil stepmother Queen has won her crown back!  She’s cool!

I also loved the beaded caps, each piece had, soooo want one, i’d look mint in one for my upcoming birthday . . .

I can’t choose a favorite piece.  That’s like asking me to choose my favorite pair of shoes/tights . . . it’s not possible!

RIP Alexander McQueen.  You will never be forgotten, and Miss Sarah Burton I fashionably salute you.  Long live the (Mc)Queen(s)!

Luce xx


New York Over, London Starts!

London Fashion Week started and how’s this for a brilliant start – THANK YOU design duo FYODOR GOLAN your 2012 collection inspired by, and I quote; ‘Russian peasants, tzars and insects’.  It’s awesome, so . . .

Dear High Street,

please take note, replace the goddamn annoying to me leggings!


Fyodor Golan LFW

NYFW Always Looked Like NSFW To Me . . .

So, I hear it’s New York Fashion Week.  Guess I ought to do a post on it then!

First off, I must complain about the amount of websites that cover NYFW that have included video on their site.  I am on mobile broadband, and so only have a certain amount of data to use.  I don’t need all these websites auto-playing video with no ‘stop’ button so my data gets thrashed!  AGH!

I was really disappointed that I couldn’t write a whole blog post about my love for Issey Miyake.  He did not attend NYFW, does he usually?  I don’t know.  Also, no mention of Yohji Yamamoto.  No idea if he attends either, but they are the people I like.  Disappointment galore.

As a fan of anythingvaguelyFar Eastern, I automatically go to Vera Wang.  I saw her wedding dresses for this season, and that’s the first time I was properly impressed by a wedding dress.  I’ve gone ‘wow’ but never really ‘want’.  Except for the one I saw when I was about 13, and the one in House of Fraser that I tried on.  That was my first experience of ‘wedding sizing’.  Ugh.

Spring 2012 didn’t blow me away.  I did like the deep blue colour and sheer fabrics.  Meh.  When I saw the Fall 2012 collection, I was excited to see bright/burnt orange was in for winter.  Much better than blues, purples, christmas red and the usual stuff.  It was very clear, however, that she was not to be my favourite designer of the week.

I saw Anna Sui also used blue and orange for Fall.  Nice, especially when teamed with pink tights.  Her Spring collection included a lot of white.

Lucy would approve . . .

I am a big fan of No Doubt, and in turn, Gwen Stefani.  Two of the Harajuku Lovers perfume range are the only perfumes I own, and I only bought them because she made them.  So finding L.A.M.B. on the bill was exciting!

I find her clothing practical.  They’re nice, but not stunning.  I’d wear them.  She seems to have done better with her Fall range, offering up this lovely, oversized houndstooth-print number, that you could imagine her wearing back in the day of ‘Don’t Speak’ . . .

Tragic Kingdom

Here is my mini gallery of ‘interesting’ for Spring 2012.

Crop Tops? Really?

Big trends at moment are the tribal trend, Aztec prints, fringing, and the sport trend, which means (shivers) crop tops are back!  Saw some nice Aztec print bags online, i’d rather go with them than the crop top, which you can only wear if you are lucky enough to have a ironing board as your chest!  I did back in the day have a crop top, it was orange with ‘Spice Girls’ written on it.  It has long now since thankfully been destroyed :D

Luce x

Really though?  I mean, REALLY?  Crop tops?  How horrific!  I managed to avoid them the first time around, I definitely am NOT joining in second time round!  Oh, no, actually, I did . . . ahem . . . Pink crop top with dangly pink beading tassels, stretch fabric, matching pedal pushers, oh Christ, the flashbacks . . . and the orange one too . . .

It is not a lucky thing to have an ironing board chest.  It puts you all out of proportion.  I speak from experience.

I never liked the Spice Girls.  I was an East 17 fan.  Then I found better music.


OK, So What Are We Doing?

So now you know who we are, but what are we doing?  Suppose it’s a sensible question.

Basically, we’re here as an online ‘Trinny and Susannah’, or whoever.  We’re here to tell you what is WIN, and what will WOUND your oh – so – hard – earned street cred, or whatever currency the kids use nowadays.  Some thing we see are just socool, we want to share them with everyone, but, we’ve also noticed some people have such a baaaaaaad sense of style, and so we’re going to have a bit of a rant about it, if that’s ok with you?

Also, we are working on a Youtube channel, where we show you our finds, show you a few of out tips and tricks, and we’ll throw in some tutorials from our brains so you can make your own cool stuff.  Because that is how this all started, a YouTube channel to show you how to make your own dresses, step – by – step.  Thing is, George gets so camera shy when she’s on her own . . .

Introducing George


My name’s George, i’m 24 (just about) and i’m a little bit mental.  Well, I say a little.  I like it.  I currently own and run a small business called Moliere Design.  It was intended to be a bespoke wedding dress company, but i’m all over the place at the moment!

Lucy and I met in Wolverhampton University in September 2010.  I don’t really remember how, it’s usually not by introducing myself though.  I met my best friend in school by running down a corridor pretending to choke on my tie.  That’s just how I roll, as my David and Goliath t-shirt says.

Lucy doesn’t lie, you know.  She really doesn’t own any trousers.  It makes her very popular with the security guys at Uni.  And she always carries a bag that looks like a handbag, but HUGE.  I always have to carry a bag too.  Proper grown-up bag.  Full of receipts and tissues, makeup I never use, bits of change, sparkly stuff I find on the floor and crap.

Unlike my friend, I did not visit anywhere as exotic as Birmingham today.  I went to Asda, to buy beans.

Apart from fashion, my loves are music (somewhat heavier than Lucy’s, but we share a mutual love for cheesy 80’s disco and 90’s dance/rave), my favourite tv programmes are House, The Big Bang Theory (I AM a bit of a geek . . . ) and any game show going.  I own almost every series of NCIS on boxset.  I’m even watching the new series on Five as I type this.


Introducing Lucy

Hey, I’m Lucy aged, 22 but i’ll be 23 on 1st March, not long now!  I’m one half of the dynamic duo who set this up.  I love dresses and heels i have NO JEANS and NO TRAINERS, true, seriously, no lie.

I went to Birmingham today and went to Select, not been in ages, and got 3 sweatshirt tops one with a panda (cos i watched that panda programme on BBC and the lil baby panda was so cute!), one with tiger and one with heart, half stitched half sequins.  All 3 were fashion wins for me, the moment I saw them had to get them!  I’m thinking i’ll team them with my pencil skirt and blue lace heels i got from New Look a couple of years back.  Did see some gorgeous orange heels at River Island last night, they so gotta go on my birthday wish list, saw them and just smiled.

Apart from fashion, my second love is music, fave tv is House and got the Ugly Betty boxset too.

Luce x