Introducing George


My name’s George, i’m 24 (just about) and i’m a little bit mental.  Well, I say a little.  I like it.  I currently own and run a small business called Moliere Design.  It was intended to be a bespoke wedding dress company, but i’m all over the place at the moment!

Lucy and I met in Wolverhampton University in September 2010.  I don’t really remember how, it’s usually not by introducing myself though.  I met my best friend in school by running down a corridor pretending to choke on my tie.  That’s just how I roll, as my David and Goliath t-shirt says.

Lucy doesn’t lie, you know.  She really doesn’t own any trousers.  It makes her very popular with the security guys at Uni.  And she always carries a bag that looks like a handbag, but HUGE.  I always have to carry a bag too.  Proper grown-up bag.  Full of receipts and tissues, makeup I never use, bits of change, sparkly stuff I find on the floor and crap.

Unlike my friend, I did not visit anywhere as exotic as Birmingham today.  I went to Asda, to buy beans.

Apart from fashion, my loves are music (somewhat heavier than Lucy’s, but we share a mutual love for cheesy 80’s disco and 90’s dance/rave), my favourite tv programmes are House, The Big Bang Theory (I AM a bit of a geek . . . ) and any game show going.  I own almost every series of NCIS on boxset.  I’m even watching the new series on Five as I type this.



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