Introducing Lucy

Hey, I’m Lucy aged, 22 but i’ll be 23 on 1st March, not long now!  I’m one half of the dynamic duo who set this up.  I love dresses and heels i have NO JEANS and NO TRAINERS, true, seriously, no lie.

I went to Birmingham today and went to Select, not been in ages, and got 3 sweatshirt tops one with a panda (cos i watched that panda programme on BBC and the lil baby panda was so cute!), one with tiger and one with heart, half stitched half sequins.  All 3 were fashion wins for me, the moment I saw them had to get them!  I’m thinking i’ll team them with my pencil skirt and blue lace heels i got from New Look a couple of years back.  Did see some gorgeous orange heels at River Island last night, they so gotta go on my birthday wish list, saw them and just smiled.

Apart from fashion, my second love is music, fave tv is House and got the Ugly Betty boxset too.

Luce x


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