OK, So What Are We Doing?

So now you know who we are, but what are we doing?  Suppose it’s a sensible question.

Basically, we’re here as an online ‘Trinny and Susannah’, or whoever.  We’re here to tell you what is WIN, and what will WOUND your oh – so – hard – earned street cred, or whatever currency the kids use nowadays.  Some thing we see are just socool, we want to share them with everyone, but, we’ve also noticed some people have such a baaaaaaad sense of style, and so we’re going to have a bit of a rant about it, if that’s ok with you?

Also, we are working on a Youtube channel, where we show you our finds, show you a few of out tips and tricks, and we’ll throw in some tutorials from our brains so you can make your own cool stuff.  Because that is how this all started, a YouTube channel to show you how to make your own dresses, step – by – step.  Thing is, George gets so camera shy when she’s on her own . . .


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