Crop Tops? Really?

Big trends at moment are the tribal trend, Aztec prints, fringing, and the sport trend, which means (shivers) crop tops are back!  Saw some nice Aztec print bags online, i’d rather go with them than the crop top, which you can only wear if you are lucky enough to have a ironing board as your chest!  I did back in the day have a crop top, it was orange with ‘Spice Girls’ written on it.  It has long now since thankfully been destroyed :D

Luce x

Really though?  I mean, REALLY?  Crop tops?  How horrific!  I managed to avoid them the first time around, I definitely am NOT joining in second time round!  Oh, no, actually, I did . . . ahem . . . Pink crop top with dangly pink beading tassels, stretch fabric, matching pedal pushers, oh Christ, the flashbacks . . . and the orange one too . . .

It is not a lucky thing to have an ironing board chest.  It puts you all out of proportion.  I speak from experience.

I never liked the Spice Girls.  I was an East 17 fan.  Then I found better music.



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