Long live The Queens!

A year ago, this month, we lost a great fashion genius.  Alexander McQueen.  Tonight, in the sky, he will be holding his head up high, smiling at his legacy Sarah Burton, who has created a magnificent collection.

Sarah Burton showcased this collection in Paris, a city with its own world renowned distinctive beauty, a perfect setting for showcasing the McQueen Spring / Summer 2012 collection.  I adored each piece, beautiful cut lengths, intricate detail, pieces in cream, yellow with golden yellow fringing, lilac pleats, and black and silver accessories, touches for evening dresses in the current popular long length at back and short at front.  I saw these and immediately thought Snow White, sorry but your evil stepmother Queen has won her crown back!  She’s cool!

I also loved the beaded caps, each piece had, soooo want one, i’d look mint in one for my upcoming birthday . . .

I can’t choose a favorite piece.  That’s like asking me to choose my favorite pair of shoes/tights . . . it’s not possible!

RIP Alexander McQueen.  You will never be forgotten, and Miss Sarah Burton I fashionably salute you.  Long live the (Mc)Queen(s)!

Luce xx


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