Oops . . .

It appears that it’s been two weeks since the last blog post.  I can’t say it’s because of lack of happenings – quite the opposite!

To be honest,we’ve both been so busy with work and Uni and what – have yous, that we just have’t had time to do anything else.

So, what has happened?  Well, Moliere Design had a photoshoot (see, that’s me, that is), I sprained my foot wearing silly, SILLY shoesies, i’m planning a wedding fayre, Lucy had a birthday and is also bricking it over her New Designer’s show fundraising thing.  See, most Universities seem to include the final, end of year, end of degree show monetary needs in their budget.  It appears, however, that Wolverhampton University DOES NOT.  Because it is TERRIBLE.  Not only do you have to fund your own designs (duh, of course you would), but you also have to pay for your travel and accommodation expenses.  To London.  Which is not anywhere near us.  On top of that, the final semester student loan is less than all the others, because there is no ‘summer holiday’ period that you have to pay for.  Because you have LEFT.

So really, all apologies.  We promise we’ll find something to blog about.




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