What The Hell Did I Just See?

As I was walking around The Entertainer this Wednesday, I saw these –



Now, as W says, i’m all for kids getting into music and stuff, but surely this isn’t the way?

These are called Paper Jamz.  They are thin instruments, battery operated, which as the name suggests, are made from paper.  Or card.  With a bit of plastic.  They are not real guitars, they do not have strings, and they do not have buttons.  It appears they have a touch sensor on the fretboards to pick up gestures, and play the pre-loaded songs accordingly.  I was going to have a play on one to see what they did, but then come kid ran up and pretended to rock out with the only playable display model put out.  He didn’t even turn it on.

I’d personally just buy my kid a real guitar and some cds.  At least they won’t only be stuck with three songs.  Maybe a copy of Guitar Hero, or Band Hero.  There’s some skill involved in playing those games.  But this?  I’m not sure . . .

As an aspiring musician (always aspiring, never accomplished.  I don’t ever think i’ll be that good), and with the mental age of a hyperactive five – year – old boy, i’d be well disappointed with these if I got them for Christmas.



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