This Weekend Was Fashionably Shocking!

LBD.  Little Black Dress.  It’s a fashion staple, a must in any wardrobe for the Friday / Saturday night out with the girls, but Friday night, I went through an experience that shocked my fashion knowledge.

In the club, on the dance floor (as per normal), and my mate (who I still love and like, it’s not George but a fellow Shrewsbury lady), dressed in a grey checkered workwear dress style dress, pulls a lad and smooch to match, whereas I, in my gorgeous LBD didn’t pull a single lad :(  Yes, I should be happy,  i’m a single girl!  Didn’t bat a eyelid as soon as I was dancin to B’s ‘Single Ladies’, I got girl power!  Still, it got to me bad, but not for long, say 10 mins maximum!  This means I either take drastic action on my next night out, wear a V neck, take the plunge and show it, or, go for a bright coloured dress. But im not, NO WAY, surrending to a grey checkered dress to be a Friday night ‘pull me’ dress!  THE LBD SHOULD WIN AND RULE!

Apart from that, I rode a bull in the club in my LBD so take that !!!!


Lucy xx


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