Future Vintage

I have a book called Vintage Handbags, full of the most beautiful designer bags of fashion eras gone by.  The book showcases bags that have been handcrafted with the finest leather, embellished with the whitest pearls, and finished with the best metal clasps, fit for the Coco Chanel clutch wannabe.  This got me thinking, looking at my own bags.  Which one will be considered ‘vintage’ to future generations?

I am proud to say I have one bag for each day of the week.  I have 12 in fact (just counted now to check), and are a variety of River Island, House of Fraser, New Look, Topshop and free bag offers with certain fragrances.

When I walk through House of Fraser and see all the Radley bags, I examine them, feel them, mess about with the zip, these are bags that will be vintage in future, maybe to be seen on future episodes of Antiques Roadshow.  These bags represent my book, quality quality quality.  My bags are price, price, and price, they are not vintage, they are high street retail conveyor belt quality.

Vintage is either a hand me down item, bounded in a protective sheet away from dust or daddy long legs, or a very heavy price tag from Selfridges / House of Fraser.  My bags are neither, but if I were to take a chance, i’d like to think my Yumi bag would be considered vintage looking, even if its just for the print inside it.  Looking at it, I wish i’d got the matching one that went with it now too!

If this book is called ‘Vintage Handbags’, then I guess the future one would be called ‘Handbags Of The Conveyor Belt’, with a certain shop being with ‘P’ being dominant!

When I go the Fashion Heaven above, i’ll leave a note saying;

These bags are not vintage and not designer, they are high street, wear them and use them, knowing you have the original high street conveyor belt handbag.

And that’s why its vintage, because Primark went bust 😛

Lucy x


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