Jean Paul Gaultier, I Love You

Depending on how old you are, or possibly your morals, you will know Jean Paul Gaultier from one of two places – glossy fashion magazine previews and reviews of catwalks and fashion weeks, or Eurotrash, with Antoine De Caunes.  I know him from the latter.  I was a kid in the Nineties.  I would have been around seven when I first saw Eurotrash.  That may seem a bit wrong, but honestly, I don’t think I had a clue what they were on about half the time.

From this, I loved him, I thought he was amazingly funny looking.  I didn’t know he was a designer, that came much later.  I love his designs.  I love that he did ALL the costumes for The Fifth Element, and personally checked over all the actors and extras on the set.  And now I love THESE –



Anyone who knows me, will know I absolutely love collecting sweet wrappers and drinks bottles.  These are no exception.  I shall be buying two of each – one set to open, drink, and reseal, and another set to keep bottled up, like a fine wine.

I don’t particularly care for the Madonna – boob – esque female shape, but I love the Gallic one on the left.  My other half says it looks very sailory.  I say it’s French.  And i’m right, because I know 😛

Though I do expect to pay around a pound a bottle for them.  I don’t mind, it’s not like I can afford any of his clothes . . . yet . . .


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