The Pat On The Back

The pat on the back.  The action person A gives to person B for good effort or accomplishment, normally given to those peeps who are very hardworking, the effort student.  Not the A* student, the effort student.  I am that effort student.  I work very hard and am always the C student.  In the tutor’s eyes anyhow.
For weeks now, I have been working on my portfolio.  Some weeks are good, some weeks I think ‘why did you do that?’ or ‘I don’t like that one, take it out’.  So for the past few weeks I have been working hard on it, I show it to my tutor and he goes ‘Well, it’s looking much better, isn’t it?’ like I am in Year 3, pats me on the back and goes off to bloody smoke outside!
Whoa, you pat me on the back?  That’s it?!!!  I want you to say ‘Excellent, very good, a brilliant portfolio!’ not a bloody pat on the back!
On the front, everyone else had got their name, a title underneath the name then ‘textiles designer’ or ‘fashion designer’ under that.  Mine is just my name at the moment, because I can’t make my mind up, and u don’t even comment on that?
What is the point, seriously?  If you treat me like a Year 3 kid, I will act like it next time.  I will have a tantrum, cry, and then i’ll have another pat on the back for ‘It’s all better now’.