Chicago – The Best Fashion Film Ever!

I love Chicago – a musical with singers in lingerie in the entire film!  I seriously just wanna wear that silver sparkly number that Renee / Roxy wears, that’d be a great outfit to wear at New Designers to get noticed, and it would get my portfolio noticed too – win all round!  I would, and i’d look great none the less, because Chicago is sparkle, sex, and curves to me, and i’ve got to make sure George watches it in full since she confessed to me she has never watched it to the end !!!!!  I can’t have that!  When i finally finish uni (these 3 years have gone so quick, I might actually miss the pats on the back LOL and i’ll be able to contribute more to mine and George’s daily adventures) gotta make a definite time for us to watch it.  That is, if she can stand me dancing to all the tunes and constantly saying ‘I wanna use the Doctor’s TARDIS and go to that era and live there’!  It’s a perfect era for me, fitted dresses that hug your tiny waist and curves, and stilettos all year round, it is MY era.

If the film is this intoxicating, God, imagine what id be like at the West End / Broadway!  George and I would be in our element.  And, of course, if we did go to the theatre, we would make sure we saw Lion King, because you just have to, don’t you?  It’s a unwritten rule!
Lucy x

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