The Tantrum, Part Two

The fashion tantrum.

I walked into the room and went to the table to be told my labels are too big. I recut them, but considering thi’d had a whole week of a different answers, that very minute I lost it. I turned into the the Campbell, or the Anna Wintour.

I’d had enough. I like my work displayed the way it is, but they wouldnt budge so I lost it, and in the process I threw a scalpel into the display board in front of me and walked out.

Two fellow classmates ran after me asking what was up and I annoyingly couldn’t speak, I sort of have hiccups when I experience waterworks activity, and all I could say was my grades. I feel like i’ve been cheated! I made 6 delicate gorgeous collars entitled ‘One Must Wear TheĀ Finest’, and all i got was a C8.

!! That is equal to bad fashion press being given to the new partnership with Adidas and McCartney or dare I even type it the fashon council saying that Kate Middleton’s dress for the Jubliee was a Primark knock off! I worked tiredly hard (George can confirm I lived a lot of hours in the studio and uni library) and this is all I get?

Eventually, the tutor came and said ‘let’s not fall out over this, what’s the matter?’ and I looked at her, I controlled my inner Campbell / Wintour and said my grades, the pressure to acheive, that I felt cheated and for her to go away. She turned and said ‘Calm down, i’m not talking to you like this and don’t ever talk to a tutor like that.

I said go away not FU!

Friends calmed me down and I forced myself to say sorry to the tutors. One said ‘You could be at a police station now, there’s no excuse for throwing stuff’ I SO wanted to say call them, they can give me lift to Shrewsbury and at same time, get a bit of press for the degree show. But, I held my lipstick rouge – free lips and said nothing.

I walked out, went home and slept for a few hours in my new Marks and Spencer grandma PJ set.

I turned up to the degree show launch with cavalry in tow, my mum and lil sis, who were impressed I think, and before the tutors began a fashion episode of Judge Judy I introduced my mum and sister, and I got a HUG and that peck on cheek thing you see celebs do at the BAFTAS, or when a designer meets and greets an enemy, from the tutors! I know then i’m on thin ice, nothing was spoke of that morning, but I know i’ll get my punishment at the New Designers show if my Clothes Show dress doesn’t appear, and it will happen no matter what excuse, the skirt is too long or our models are as thin as a tv aerial and clothes won’t stay up!

I’m going to watch Chicago now, I need glitter and sparkle to make me better, hold my head up high, and then go Shrewsbury library to bombard employers with my CV.

Lucy x


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