Geeky Engagements

Whilst pottering around on Twitter on Wednesday, I saw this (CLICKY LINKY).  Those of you who know me well will know, I am a bit of a geek.  But this engagement ring goes a bit far for me.


I know some of you will not clicky the linky.  So i’ll explain. The above link leads you to an article containing this image –

VaLa Jewellery

a Star Trek Enterprise engagement ring.  With a white sapphire.  There is some relevance to the gemstone used, some callback to an early episode.


I am not a fan of Star Trek.  Firefly, Big Bang Theory and various anime / manga are much more my thing.  I do not own much geekery myself, well, not much that is not Nintendo related.  I love Nintendo.  W does not like Star Trek much either, but at least he understands more of it than I do.  He gets the jokes.  I do not.


Would anyone here ever accept such a thing as an engagement ring, or even just wear it as a piece of jewellery?




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