Treading Old Ground . . .

Both of these ‘subjects’ have been.mentioned in this blog already.  Samantha Brick, and Down’s Syndrome.  So why are we doing it again?

Because today, on This Morning, a British show that mixes talk, information and cooking with the banality of the life of the middle aged housewife (perked up by the silver fox that is the Schofe), Samantha Brick opened he big, fat gob again.


Here is the article – Daily Mail linky

She says that she would consider aborting a baby that she had conceived through IVF, if it turned out the baby had Down’s Syndrome.

Now, I do accept all of her points are valid, but surely if you have gone through ALL of that effort, injections, repeated procedures, and possible complications, you would still be happy with a disabled baby?  Am I just a dirty liberal?  I’m not saying that just because you can’t conceive naturally, then you should be happy with the card you’re dealt, but REALLY?  Please, i’d love to have some other people’s opinions on this. I will be tagging some people on Twitter and Facebook to this, parents of disabled children, people who have gone through IVF, and just parents and non – parents in general, I really would like your input.

I wouldn’t abort a disabled baby anyway.  If i’d planned to have a baby, then i’ve planned to have THIS baby.  I’m not into the ‘all life is sacred’ religious thing, but abortions should be based on your ability to cope and afford, not just because ‘I don’t like this particular one’.


4 thoughts on “Treading Old Ground . . .

  1. Samantha Brick can’t be THAT desperate for a child if she would consider aborting a baby with Downs.
    As an older sister(and carer) of a brother that had Downs(he died 5 years ago) she makes my blood boil! We fostered then adopted him from 12 days old because his “mother” thought it would mess up her social life. She even told family members he’d died. We knew he was poorly and we took on all the responsibilities that came with that.
    Mrs Brick should be happy with what life deals her

  2. I haven’t seen the TV interview, but I just read that DM piece and I assume that they have reported verbatim on what Ms Brick has said.

    Firstly, I am pro-choice. I believe that a woman has the right to abort a foetus if she needs to. I don’t necessarily agree with Ms Brick’s choice on a personal level, but if she conceives through IVF and it is revealed that the child will have Down’s Syndrome, then it is her right to terminate the pregnancy. She is NOT saying that ALL foetuses with DS should be aborted, which is what I have seen some people tweeting today. That is irresponsible gossip-mongering and only serves as a witch hunt for someone who has already been reviled in recent times.

    I don’t think she’d abort just because she didn’t ‘like’ the idea of having a child with DS, she does make valid points about her age and how her family would cope etc.

    That said, I do think Ms Brick has some sort of misguided need to appear on daytime TV shows and court controversy. Maybe her book sales (has she written a book??) have dipped, or something. Whatevs. To be honest, I couldn’t care less what she says. I can’t give any credence to it, because I don’t believe she has the right motives for saying what she does. But then tweeting/blogging about it just fuels the fire, does it not? Which is what she wants…

    I’ll shut up now.

    • I don’t think she’s written a book . . .

      I just think she could have handled it better. Or not at all. It’s a touchy subject, which doesn’t mean it should be hidden away, just don’t let THIS woman come on TV to talk about it.

  3. Wow! Firstly, having gone through IVF myself, I would not terminate my baby if it had Downs Syndrome. I saw my baby’s heartbeat on a monitor at 7 weeks. A living being. A foetus some people call them at that stage but a baby in my eyes.

    Secondly I actually laughed out loud at her generosity of aborting DS babies for the sake of the national health service.

    We had the test for DS, after all it is only a blood test and a scan of the back of their neck. My baby wouldn’t stay still for the scan so we relied on blood tests alone. Did I wonder what I would do if the results came back that our baby had DS? Of course. Did abortion enter my head? Not at all. It was to prepare.

    My thoughts were more protection! How would I protect my beautiful baby from this cruel world. I truly believe if it was more excepting of your ’not so perfect baby’ then people would think twice of deleting the problem.

    On a final note, look at this beautiful baby Gorgeous right? Easy to get rid of something that hasn’t looked into your eyes and given you the most heart warming smile just because your it’s Mummy.

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