Olympic Wool?

I just looked back through this week’s Radio Times and they are advertising knitted athletes patterns to purchase.  So cool in my opinion! 

I am in total awe of peeps who can knit, so you can knit yourself an Usain Bolt!  Personally i’d rather have a knitted a Philip Idowu, I love his red hair 😀  He’s the man!

This lead me to think, for next years S/S collections, fashion houses should do sport equipment prints and they can follow it through to A/W with knitwear made from the wool of the sheep that are going to be in tonight’s ceremony.  They can dye it the TeamGB colours and flag colours of the other countries, so whoever wins the most medals, their country’s flag colours will be used to dye the wool (as well as TeamGB) for next year’s Burberry coats and Westwood jumpers. Westwood would be good, because if a country with just a single colour wins the most then she can easily use her magic to make that  piece of wool for a jumper stand out, maybe graffiti print it with a trainspotting line, or many many opening ceremony drafts in Danny Boyle’s own handwriting, linking it back to the Olympics.

Lucy xx


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