A Proper Letter! In The Post!

I received a letter today.  One that I thought would not come for a very long time.  It was addressed from…………..

The V&A Museum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It informed me that they were very interested, and the best part was that they didn’t send the letter or photos back 😀  They have passed it on to another department, so i’m in a file somewhere, in a post room, at the V&A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The letter had the postal address and email of the Head of Contemporary Textiles and Fashion, so i’ll be working on a thank-you email tonight to send tomorrow.

I also found out today that the next fashion fairytale Camilla Morton is doing is The Empress’ New Clothes in her fashion fairytale collection, and that it will be Diane von Furstenberg’s career she is combining it with.

I’m so glad i found my Waterstones’ card!

Lucy Xxx


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