Micro Trends – The ‘Inbetween’ Season

I was just having a potter round the Web, as you do, and I found this phrase – micro trend.  It went with ‘pre – collection’.

I can understand the micro trend.  It’s almost like a fad, or something to do until something better comea along.  But, pre – collection?  New one on me.

According to the Telegraph, this is what designers are now doing to fill in that crappy time between seasons, where your bikini is SO not appropriate for British ‘summer’, but it isn’t quite so cold for your duffle coat.  Which is a problem i’ve faced a lot in the past week.  I have a Lucky Strike leather, a green duffle type thing, toggles and all, a thinner, 3/4 sleeve navy number with last season’s flying birdy silhouette pattern, or many, many denim jackets.  None of them seem to have worked well this week.  I even considered my Red Mutha denim, a blue one dyed pink with slashes and worn through parts that I picked up at last year’s Clothes Show, but even that was too breezy.

So, for this pre – season micro trend, we can expect to see this –


This is a Phillip Lim design.  I’m not a comic book fan, but I know enough to know that I should call them ‘graphic novels’, and not to say Batman is shit.  A friend’s girlfriend did that this week, and he locked her in the bedroom all morning.  And he was serious!  No, i’m not a fan of Marvel and DC, but I do like Lichtenstein prints.  So ten out of ten from me.

These are the other things I ripped straight from the Telegraph –


From left: Merino-wool jumper, £265, Markus Lupfer, matchesfashion.com

Cotton bag, £7.50, Lazy Oaf, asos.com

Cotton T-shirt, £70, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, net-a-porter.com

Then I did a quick Google, and decided i’d probably go for this –


From Hell Bunny.  I like their stuff.



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