New Shoes!

I bought new shoes when Lucy came to visit on Wednesday.  I kinda needed them, I had found one of my Schuh shoes had started coming apart, as well as a few of my other shoes already being broke.  I hate throwing shoes away, even when they’re past the point of no return, because they cost so much! Once, I had a pair of New Rocks, I bought them when I was fourteen. I only threw them out about three years ago, as i’d worn down the heel, the sole at the toe, and had worn the leather inside the back of the heel and ankle back to the outer leather.  I could have got them reheeled, but i’m not sure they could completely reline the boot! They cost me £80 at the time I bought them, and even though i’d had them 7 years or so, I still couldn’t bring myself to put £80 in the bin.


These are my new shoes.  Which reminds me, I need to hoover . . .

£17.99, Deichmann.



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