Cocktails And Courts: Gearing up for Graduation

I worked out today while job hunting and selecting my music library to go on random that it is now 4 weeks till graduation, and I have the perfect shoes, but I can’t work out which dress to choose!  I have a number of cocktail dresses, and its so hard to choose.

My shoes, which are in the form of courts (which are not stilettos for a change to be smart and simple, the reason being the high heel version didn’t have my size), are a rosy pink shade and have got a gorgeous (fake, obviously) diamond at the front.  They’re very Kate Middleton style, from reliable Debenhams in Manchester, where I discovered I fitted a 6 and half shoe rather than my normal 5 and a half like im used to having.

As Georgina will tell you, me in a shoe department is like a kid in a sweet shop, and I was so tempted to get the navy, silver, and red versions, but no, I stood my ground and went with the delicate rose pink shade because, basically, I dont have enough pink shades in my opinion.


I have a white and black dress with a floral print and a rose and black dress, both from H&M 2 years ago, additionally I have a Coast dress that is like mythical woodland, slightly more grown up Alice in Wonderland with the greens, golds and chestnut brown.  My classic timeless little black dress (which has made an appearance in an earlier entry with the bull companion lol) and finally my cream and black dress from Selfridges in Birmingham.  That is my cocktail collection, and each one WILL match my courts.

I adore trends but sometimes it’s fun to make your own individual trend work, using Elle, Vogue and Harper as moodboards, taking out images you like best, and creating YOUR trend.

My touches will be my white pearl earrings, my dice eyebrow bar and River Island bag I got for my birthday.  DEFINITE.  Maybe thats what my trend is, it’s a not – matching – not – going – together – right trend, delicacy from the shoes the bag and earrings with the dark harshness of the LBD, or the mythical Alice Coast dress.

Lucy Xx


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