Mum, You Stick With Twiggy, Yeah? No Offence . . . But . . .

When taking a break from the job – site (which seems to take ages to upload new jobs sometimes), I looked at the new arrivals at River Island online.
Immediately, I go to the shoes section, and indulged in window shopping all the new heels.  Whilst I was doing this, my mum was peeping over my shoulder and making outrageous comments like ‘Ooo them ones are like bondage, they look minging!’  ‘They happen to be black and cream two tone heels’, I replied. 

‘You read my Elle and Company mags, they are classic chic style for this time of year, for work wear summer season’ I told her, feeling like i’m in a episode of Law and Order UK, and making my opinion the right one and correct one.

I’ll remind her of this next time she looks at the gladiator sandals in M&S and says ‘They suit me dont they’ and legs to the counter.  I’ll reply ‘Reminds me of them gorgeous RI shoes that you incorrectly labelled ‘minging’ and ‘bondage’.  RI IS COOL and CHIC. 

Mum, you get me the RI print dress, and ill forgive you.  Deal breaker, I think ;D 

Lucy xx


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