New Feature Coming MONDAY!

We’re starting a new feature on Monday!
What’s going to happen from now, is that every Monday we will feature a designer, make up artist, stylist, someone connected to the fashion industry and we’regoing to interview them!  YAY!  This won’t be any old boring interview though,with questions like ‘Where do you see yourself in five year’s time?’ and ‘How do you prepare for shows?’, noooo.  We’re going to ask interesting questions, like ‘Where can we buy your stuff?’ and ‘What is YOUR personal style?’.
I hate bland interviews.  I always want to know about the person BEHIND the business.  We can find out so much about the business themselves, but not always the people.  And though we will ask about the business (of course, we have to), we’re trying to focus on the humans behind it all.

It’s going to be fun.  We hope you’ll join us every Monday for our interview features.

And wait for the first installation – Lucy and I are going to answer the questions too . . .




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