We Asked . . . Masato

Masato Jones is a person we first found on Twitter.  Well, we met Mike, his partner and personal tweeter, on Twitter.  We have asked Masato to be the first people to answer our questions,because we love them so much!

Masato Jones owns a fashion label called Masato.  He originates from a village outside of Tokyo, where he first qualified as a hair stylist.  He worked in Tokyo for a time, then decided to move to Brighton, UK, to learn English.  Whilst here, he applied for an undergraduate course in Women’s Fashion Design at Saint Martin’s, and was accepted on the spot.

He now works for Giles Deacon as well as running his own label, he has also worked for Kinder Agguguni and the English National Ballet.

Keep an eye on the Masato label, they’re appearing at regional fashion weeks and they WILL make it big!

Here are Masato’s questions and answers!

1.   Tell me a little about yourself and your business.

I am Japanese born and based in London. We started the label in March 2011 and have progressed through the support of individuals who have devoted time to the label.  We provide demi  -couture collections twice a year and also provide some boutiques such as Scarecrow in Crouch End and Pop boutique in Olney, Buckinghamshire with unique individual pieces.  The label recently has joined the trend of designing limited edition T-shirts of 50 to 500, the current one is Psycho Bunny in Purple and Dark Yellow which is showing my art as an artist as well as a designer, all the Tshirts are on organic cotton and more designs to come.

2.   When did you realise you wanted to do the job you were doing?  How did it all start?

I simply love what I do and can not think of anything to do as a job instead.  When I first saw my clothes I made on women, I thought that this is what I want to do. I t is amazing waking up in the morning, going into the studio and designing the next collection, researching, developing unique designs for our boutiques as one-offs or drawing the next Tshirt.

3.   How long have you worked in the industry?

Almost 6 years

4.   What is YOUR personal style?

Chic, classic and fun

5.   Who are some of your favourite designers, both professionally and personally?

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, Giles Deacon and Masato.

6.   What/where are your favourite stores and websites to shop?

I love charity shops, especially in small towns/villages, seeing what people donate is very interesting.  We are proud that the Salvation Army shop in Wandsworth approached us to stock the Masato “Psycho Bunny” Tshirt which means every one they sell makes £10 for the Salvation Army in that shop.

7.   If you could pick any era to live in, for the fashion, which would it be and why?

The 60’s, when people had a expressional freedom and so much experimentation with fabric and design.

8.   Do you consider yourself an artist?

I would call myself a designer.

9.   What advice do you have for people aspiring to work in your field?

Hard working, long hours, passion, appreciation of other designers at any level as well as yourself.  Take constructive criticism, meet other designers, network, embrace social media and don’t give up.

10.   Where can readers find out more about you and your work, and if you sell products, where can people buy them?




Stocklist is on our website and people also could order products on the website by contacting us directly.

Now some fun quick questions!

1.   What was your first ever job?

Part time Postman, a long time ago

2.   What is your favourite ice cream?


3.   Pepsi, Coke or Dr Pepper?



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