My Friend Retweeted A Picture

My friend retweeted a picture on Twitter about half an hour ago.

This conversation really just happened.  Note – Person A and B are both male.

[EDIT]: I am informed that person B is actually female.



Person B: Mannnnnnnnn” 1st is hotter

Person A: Nah not to me at least

Me: not seeing anything but an anorexic?

Person B: how is she anorexic?

Me:  on the right, she looks anorexic

Person A: definitely not anorexic… She’s in hella good shape, but I prefer how she used to look

Person B: nicely put (name).

Me: the right is ill. There’s veins.on her hands ffs

Person A: there’s veins on MY hands… Shes in better shape than I am

Me: they shouldn’t be standing out like that, I can’t really say too much without sounding like a jealous bitch

Person A: i agree that she doesn’t look as good in the right hand pic, but anorexic is the wrong description

Me: fair enough, i’ll rephrase but longer [break]  though I can see she has dedicated time to being fit and ‘healthy’, I find her lack of natural fat disturbing [break] her hipbones bear a striking resemblance to pro-anorexia photos, and her veins protrude so much that they are [break] akin to a steroid user’s neck. You don’t need to strip yourself of all fat to have muscle

Person B: She has 11% body fat

Me: where? In her head?

Person B: Lmaooooooo

Person A: lmao that’s good [break] did you read my tweets? I prefer her on the left! [break] Makes @(my name)’s anorexia statement a little more valid…

Person B: not really cause although she may have a desire to lose weight she’s not refusing to eat.

Me: That’s not the medical definition.

Person A: if you guys are going to get into an argument over the definition of anorexia delete my @ first…

There were also some tweets between person A, B and the ESPN woman –

ESPN Woman: A man’s body fat percentage should be 8%-19% whereas a woman’s should be 21%-32%

Person A: US council of exercise.. “essential” body fat for a woman 11-12% athletes 14-20% fitness 21-24%

Person B: Thank you (name)

Person A: you didn’t read that did you? 11% is not healthy it’s the MINIMUM

Person B: I did read it. That’s why I said thank you cause I didn’t know. But this lady is a body builder/fitness model.

Quote from Person B: and again I didn’t realized her 11% was unhealthy. Funny thing is she’s trying to have less. Smh.

So, overall, yes.


One thought on “My Friend Retweeted A Picture

  1. Can’t we all just get along? Both photos look great and when I was unconcerned about my own health I probably would have preferred the photo on the left — now that I take care of my health I seem to like the photo on the right better.

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