Self – Defeating Politicians

Remember this morning’s post?  If you don’t, go look.  I’ll wait for you.

You back?  Good.

When I posted that picture up on Facebook, my friend posted this underneath –

Stop Abortion With ‘Deadly Force’ – GOP Candidate Frank Szabo This retard (Frank) must have read this (book) as a child.

So, after I laughed to myself about the incredulous title, I actually wondered, what did they mean?  Does he want to shoot doctors that perform abortions?  Yes, that must be it.  Clickity – click, and i’m watching the video.
Please watch the video.  Please.  The reporter’s reactions are great.  They were doing pretty much what I was doing.  For those of you too lazy to clicky the linky, here’s the gist of it.  Basically, he said he would use deadly force, if it came to it, to prevent a woman from having an abortion.  Now, i’m still not clear whether that means he would kill the doctor, the woman, or maybe even BOTH.  However, think about it this way.  If he kills the doctor, he’s killing someone for something that may, possibly, be considered attempted murder, depending on your stance and religious beliefs.  It is widely believed that he actually mean the mother.

If he kills the mother, then he will, in turn, kill the baby if it is not reasonably viable, c.23 weeks.  There has been a case of a 21 week gestation surviving in the USA.  I’m not up on US law, but I did read a limit of around 28 weeks, or seven months for abortion.  Even in the UK, the limit is 24 weeks.  In both of these cases, a baby is considered viable towards the upper end of the limit.  So, what, you kill the mother, and kill the unviable foetus?  What’s the point in stopping an abortion if the baby dies anyway?

And if the baby is viable, then he has to find a doctor, go out with his gun, shoot the woman, and get the doctor to deliver the baby post mortem.  As the baby will not have a supply of anything from the mother’s body, they have to do this pretty damn quickly.  Where does this happen?  Do they receive notification from a doctor that she wants the abortion, then they come round to her house and arrest her?  I know if I thought my life was at risk, I would NOT be going willingly!
And, which part of any of that is actually pro – life?


I’ll leave you with this quote to mull over.  Think about it for a while.  Maybe comment on it.  If you want.

“Why is there a difference between someone who is 20 years old and their life is in danger, and someone who is nine months in utero?”



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