Savile Row V Abercrombie & Fitch

This topic seemed to be a big talking point this weekend amongst a select few on Twitter, and it got column inches in the papers, so it must be important.  Abercrombie & Fitch want to open a children’s clothing store on Savile Row.  They already have an address picked out and an opening date.  Yet, the tailors on said street are not so keen on the idea.  I don’t blame them really.  You cannot really have ready to wear, trendy, American clothing being sold on what could arguably be called one of the most important postcodes for fashion in London.

A&F have a few restrictions on their opening day, imposed by the local council.  Pushchairs cannot be parked on the street.  They are not allowed to play music that can be heard outside of the shop.  They have been banned from having a fête and inviting celebrities to said event.  They are currently appealing this decision.

With their profits down by nearly 50%, what are their motives for opening in such a prestigious area?  Do they think people are going to go to Savile Row for kid’s clothing?  Or just ‘pop in’ on their way to buy a new suit?

Is there not a better, more suitable street to open on, like, Oxford Street?  Is that where Primark lives?  It kind of reminds me a little of when they wanted to open a chip shop on Priorslee, Telford, and all the residents complained that it would lower their house prices and encourage teenagers to hang around and scutty up the place.

I just wouldn’t have let A&F pay the rental deposit in the first case, and suggested they pick a more ‘appropriate location for their business’.



One thought on “Savile Row V Abercrombie & Fitch

  1. What happened to A&F there were several stores in London. Then they all disappeared. Have they been swallowed up by Hollister or are they hiding out in posher postcodes?

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