Skinnier Jeans – The New Trend

I came across these jeans whilst doing my rounds on the Daily Mail site, as you do.  They are skinny jeans that make you LOOK THINNER!  They have this stripe, you see, down the side, which is tapered towards the ankle, and it creates an illusion, making you look thinner!  Yay!

Now, I know i’m not fat.  Some of my friends still think I am positively THIN.  I’m not.  I think i’m just normal.  But we’ve all got hang ups, lumpy bits blah blah blah PICTURE!


This is Miranda Kerr in her designer pair . . .


And this is some Mail on Sunday woman modelling the George at Asda pair, to be launched soon.

They will be £16, from size 8 up to 24.

I’m still hung up on the two pairs I saw today.  White with tiny black hearts printed on, and a pale teal with flower print.  They’re £8 each in the sale.  I know which i’d rather go for.  But then, i’m greedy and need.more clothes.



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