Style At Spar

I have started my new job at Spar and I realised it’s a great way to see other people’s style!  On my first day, I saw the classic Ralph Lauren inspired Primark polo shirt and jeans, the occasional sport hoodie, and a gentlemen’s parka
from H&M.

I served a lady who had the most gorgeous tailored wool jacket on.  It’s a bit early to bring out the wool coat from attic hibernation, but the weather was heavy rain and wind, so I guess that is a reasonable fashion excuse.  It was in an areo mint green, I so so wanted to jump over the counter and steal it.

My uniform is a black polo shirt and trousers. It felt strange wearing
trousers, but for footwear I am wearing mary jane shoes with a block heel, not being seduced by flats!  One of my new colleagues did say that’s good, my feet have structure (Ha! take that flats :P).

I’m excited about the 15th of September because to congratulate ourselves for finding a job, George and I are going to Cosmo’s 😀 Bring on the sushi,
noodles and jelly.

Lucy xx


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