How Much? Really?

For a few days now, George at Asda have had a sale on.  I think it might be something to do with summer.  Or the bank holiday, i’m not sure . . .

Anyway, a few days ago, I spied with my little eye, these jeans on the sale rail.  Oh, how I love a sale rail.  They were £8.  All of them.  There were pastel purple leopard print, pastel green leopard print, some nasty patterns, some pastel busy busy rose type flower pattern, and white with tiny black hearts on them.

Kinda like these –


Yea.  I boughts them.  Except, I bought them today, not Saturday, when I first saw them.  I had to wait for some Paypal money to transfer over.  Here’s the price tag –


Can you see?  It says £3.  Three pounds!  For some skinny jeans!

Now all I need is a top to go with them.  That’s always the problem with new styles for me.  I don’t have matching clothes.  Any ideas?



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