Ebook V Paperback

I recently read an article at http://www.stylist.co.uk that stated for every 100 paperbacks sold, 115 ebooks are sold on Amazon.  I love paperback / hardback books.  I admit over past few months, i’ve read few books due to Uni life.  I am sadly ashamed by this, but now I aim to achieve more reading hours, particuarly my Camilla Morton fashion fairytale books (so excited for the next one in the series to come out, apparently it’s Cinderella). 

My genres of reading have always included fantasy and real life, I have every Jacqueline Wilson book! I remember rushing to WHSmiths in Stockport to get the latest novel, and a particular occasion comes to mind whilst I write this.  It is when, in the Manchester Evening News there was an advert saying Jaqueline Wilson was going to vist WHSmiths in Manchester, to sign her new book at the time, Dustbin Baby.  I was so so excited, and really wanted to go.  My dad took me, and whilst in the queue, my dad kept saying ‘What you going to ask her?’ and I was like what???  I’d completely not thought of that, I just intended to smile, say i’m a big fan, tell her my name get her to sign my book and then go and join the other little fans on the chairs to start reading the book.  So my dad kept saying ‘You have to ask her something, you’re a fan!’.  It was like I was in panic mode, what do I ask her?  As I think this, I realise i’m getting closer and closer to her then BOOM! i’m in front of her.

Jacqueline Wilson : Hello, what’s your name?
Me : Lucy
JW: Is there anyting you want to ask me?
Me : What’s your favourite piece of jewellery?

She was sat at a table, and every finger on her hands had a ring on, and were mix of gemstones and silver while talking to me.

JW : *giggles* Well, as you can see, (holds her hands up) I really like rings in silver and gems. Do you like rings?
Me : *nods and smiles* Thankyou
And I go with dad back to the car, feeling like out of all the questions I could have asked, I asked that.  I felt like a dipstick.

Dad didnt help saying ‘Yeah, was bit of lame question wasn’t it?’ in an Ian Hislop jokey way.  I was 12 at the time, and that night I read the whole book, after my mum, who wanted to see whether it was appropiate for me, becauee this book was reviewed as for the ‘older teenager’.

It’s still one of my favourite books, and I aim to keep all my Jacqueline Wilson books, and other books.  As i’ve got older, my Adele Geras, Helen Dunmore and Jennifer Donnely  (I am still being patient for the release the 3rd book in her Tea Rose trilogy, after it’s release date got put back, as my local Waterstones emailed to inform me).

Books are important.  Engaging the reader to delicate or frank emotions for the human mind to analyse.  I understand, respect even, ebooks.  We are in a advent techno world with the caption ‘fast, now, want fast, now, want,’ for everything, and now in the past few years after contact and interaction via text, emails, and tweets, and media with music and entertainment technology represented by YouTube, IPods, Blackberry and Twitter, we have now, ebooks.

Ebooks need charging. Paper books don’t. Yeah, ebooks have 2/8/16/32gb storage, but having a bookcase showcasing genres of worlds and ideas in words is more appealing than a little file. Ebooks have to be charged, like a mobile or IPad. Paper books, well, you just put it back on the shelf and some are made from recycled paper, eco friendly, where as an ebook is a mini personal computer book shelf, and we know that sitting in front of a computer is bad for our eyes. Plus, imagine a gigantic world wide powercut . . . electricity vanished, all technology RIP for moment, and in the corner of everybody’s room is a dusty woodworm riddled book shelf, that is filled with paper books, wanting to engage you in a subject, or simply escort you to another world, where creation has been accomplished differently. 

I am writing this in a favourite place of mine, the libary 😀 I encourage you to, sometime in your busy techno schedule, get a book, read, turn everything off, or go to your library or nearest WHSmiths or Waterstones. Pick your favourite genre, and learn about another fictitious or real person’s life. Or, even better, look at the shelves and see which one attracts you the most.


I’d love to see this hashtag trend. In my purse I have two important cards. My debit card, and my Waterstones card.

Off to take out Hester’s Story now and a Linda La Plante I fancy reading. 

Lucy xxx   


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