The Loub Job

A few weeks ago, a friend posted this article up on Facebook.  I bookmarked it, then promptly forgot about it.

The Loub Job

It’s an interesting idea, pumping your feet with collagen and Botox to tolerate higher heels.  I’m not a wearer of high heels, my injury from wearing platforms in February is well documented on Twitter.  I own them, but I just cannot walk in them.  However, Lucy wears them ALL THE TIME.  She has no flats.  Not a single pair of trainers.  No pumps.  Nothing.

I would not pay nearly £400 to inject my feet with toxins and chemicals to be able to wear high heels. I need to learn to walk in them first. Plus, Botox only lasts about six months in your face, so it seems a waste of money.

Just buy some gel insoles!



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