My Learning Materials Have Arrived!

I was informed on my way home from work on Tuesday, that during the day, I had received a package.  As the OU StudentHome page said my learning materials had been sent, that is what I assumed the parcel to be.

And I was right!


See?  Box.  I’ve covered my address with a pen, and the pen also adds scale.  It was the only thing I could find at the time.

This is what I found inside –


Three learning companions, two MAHOOSIVE textbooks, two boxes of audio and DVD discs, an assignment booklet, and some stuff not in the photo, which includes my student loan forms, a module calendar and some one page documents.

This is only a 60 credit module, something you would usually study in, say, four months or so, on a full time university course.  This is a lot of reading!  Also, I took a photo of the textbooks, again with the pen for reference.


I haven’t actually looked at how many pages there are in the books, but these are some pretty hefty books.  Saying that though, I also took a picture of the audio and DVD discs –


Twelve discs, two I believe are DVDs, the other ten are audio.

I’ve got lots of work coming up!  Even if it only reading . . .



4 thoughts on “My Learning Materials Have Arrived!

    • You said your modules, plural, are starting in January, are they two 30 credit modules? This is one 60 credit module, so you’ll probably receive the same amount of textbooks but to spread over the two modules. I assume one is the Intro to Psych module?

      • There are some notes in the pack regarding public posting of work / tutor comments that need to be read too!

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