The imprint Ring

Here is another post based on stuff I found in my bookmarks. This one I quite like, but not for the reason you might think.

At the end of the article, this question is asked – is it an infidelity deterrent, or a fun idea?

I say, it’s a bit of fun.  Really, if being married is not enough of a reason to not go cheating, then a bloody imprint ring is not going to make that much of a difference, is it?  It reminds me, much like the article says, of the engagement tattoos people get.  The one I remember is Pamela Anderson.  When I first saw that, I though I’M SO GETTING ONE OF THOSE.  But then, I was about 13.  Now, I think it is generally a bit tacky to get a ring tattooed.

I’d buy one of these for fun.  I like the idea of having a heart dented into my finger.  However, I imagine it could get a bit sore after a while, as it is effectively giving yourself a flesh wound.

What do you think?


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