It’s New York Fashion Week 2013, S/S wardrob!

Firstly, let me introduce you to Belstaff (a label name that rings very Downton Abbey / Upstairs Downstairs kind of bells), who launched their new collection.  Their heritage is luscious leather biker jackets, but now they are in competition with Burberry (fashion’s very own version of David and Goliath), with their tailored coat in cream, caramel and grey stripes concoction that wins fashion lust all round.  Also, their collection is designed and conducted by former Burberry creative helm holder, Martin Cooper.

Victoria Beckham undoubtedly has proved her fashion magnifique with her collection, a winning formula of different textures, mixed together with herself wearing one of her own dresses from the collection, black, tailored to the thigh and ruffled and banded with lace.  Knee length dresses with mesh panels (a trend that has flowed from 2012 into 2013 as it occurs), Victoria introduced a new label, tailoring delicate materials cut sharply & finely with flowing skirts or long soft cut trousers. Harper Beckham is going to have the best wardrobe when she goes nursery, even her teachers will have fashion envy no doubt (when they are not drooling at David)!  I personally have always liked her creations, not just because they are stunning dresses but becuase I love shift dresses, and hers are always so tailored and smart, chic and grown up.  If I ever want a dress that is not printed and tailored, sleek, i’d go to her.

Phillip Lim’s collection was 90’s grunge.  Personally, I was too young for the grunge 90s, I was too busy watching Live and Kicking (sorry SMTV) so the dungarees, MTV tshirts and converse didn’t nail me immediately.  Today, that’s not my style either, but seeing dunagrees in a berry pink shade is very attractive, no lie.  Finishing them with shoe boots, not trainers/converse, I hear you shout outrage!!  But, hear me out, it makes grunge more wearable for formal wear and workwear, and the more I look at them shoes the more it makes me want the high streets closest copy to them.  He had loads of print, stained tshirt dresses (personally I dont like tshirt dresses but the prints are yet again stunning).

Olivier Theyskens formally marks his authority with his sophisicated suits.  All in black.  A colour for all.  Hides a dozen sins.  The final parade of the collection showcased dresses in sequins that shone like the sun at the cameras, and beads that look too delicate to touch, like soft ice, but you still want to touch them.

Marc Jacobs stole the show and took us back in time to monochrome and the 60s.  Stripes and streamlined sharp cuts.  All the outfits were sripes, but stripes in various geometric patterns.  Thick black and white vertical stripes, with the material itself cut into stripes that showed a part of the models skin, as the pic shows you.

The reps from Britsh High Street are no doubt running out of note paper or losing countless pens for their IPads to jot down the pieces that can be easily transcended to the rails of the cities in the UK.  My bets are River Island and Topshop will be all over Lim’s grunge and wanting dungarees in all colours of the rainbow/Pantone chart.  New Look and Dorothy Perkins may be ticking over how they can translate the texture mash up of VB dresses onto the silver hooks of their outlets.  Debenhams, House of Fraser and Marks and Spencer will each put their own mark on the sleek, sophiscated suit, but possibly slight chance do other colours than black, maybe light navy, dark grey and caramel creme are all a high chance of possibility.  All the high street will no doubt create their own creative take on Marc Jacobs, but the key is choosing which of your high street favorites will do this look the best, in desig and quality, and do their own spin.

Now to see what the British high street brigade conjure up to feed our New York Fashion Week lust!

Lucy xxx








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