Picbomb – Prince Harry Lookalike


Wouldn’t work on me. Sorry.


Presents And Books!

The new Camilla Morton fashion fairytale is The Emperor’s New Clothes! I really want to get it ASAP but looking at Waterstones, its not out in the UK yet 😦 A good excuse to fly to the USA to get it I reckon 🙂 Mum has got me all my crimbo pressies now, including a Vogue on Chanel book but I admit i’m more excited about the Disney princess little mermaid, Ariel and Eric dolls 🙂 They are going to stay neat and tidy in the boxes, like my beauty and the beast pair. Even more excitingly, i’ve spotted a Disney bag in my nan’s room too! I’m refusing to be tempted to look in the bag, maybe possibly a sneak peek perhaps . . . or not . . . no, i’m not gonna be tempted . . . Lucy x

How’s Life After Uni?

A week or two ago, I met up with a friend who is now in their final year at the Uni I went to. Straight away we were chatting and gossiping, thing like are all the tutors still there and the same as ever, and particularly hearing about the one and only male tutor of pattern cutting. It made me smile, confirming to me his aim to become the future head of the course.

They asked the big question ‘How’s life after uni, have you found an industry job yet?’. My answer was ‘Hun, after Uni, in my opinion you –
1) catch up on sleep
2) constantly use internet’.

Mainly for looking at Drapers and Selvedge for industry jobs, and most importantly meanwhile are all the job sites for everyday jobs, to bring in money to pay for all your goodies now that you have said a tearful goodbye to a student loan that helped you pay for everything. Offically,now, you are independent, on your own in big adult tough world.

After Uni I job searched on Drapers and Selvedge, a few jobs took my fancy but not all. I’m good with customers, as my collegues tell me at Spar where I am at the moment. It’s keeping my bank account in check and i’m happily no longer worrying where my money is going to come from, but i’ve got no interest in being a buyer etc, that equals too much stress right away to me.

My plan currently is to give my up and running website Lucy Rhiannon Gittins a healthy, much needed update, and add a diary to it to happily show off my Victoria and Albert Museum contact (still searching for the right frame for the letter, and the email recently confirming I am in a filing cabinet there !!!! 🙂 🙂 I’ll add some new prints for cross stitch kits because that’s what I want to do. The waiting game for me is saving up money for Photoshop so I can create more kitsch cross stitch kits. I have got all my prints from Uni projects to keep me going for some time, I reckon I did over 150 print ideas for my Singer sewing machine print using the mechanics of the machine for a print. Writing this makes me want to add at least 4 new slide shows now for all my projects. I now have got Mac Stitch to transform my prints, all I need is for my next day off so I can plug in my printer, do a test run of one of my ideas, sew it (obviously), then put it up on here and send it to one of my fave cross stitch magazines to say ‘You inspired me to use my prints, that are just sitting ion my USB stick taking up space, due to my current part time job helping overdraft come down!’.

This is the patience waiting game for myself, because i’m waiting for my next day off work, making sure i’ve got enough money and can afford Photoshop, seeing if my printer and scanner still work, and making sure i’ve got the bus money to get to the library!

Two places for internet to me are the library, a maximum of two hours a day, and my mum and dad’s at Bayston Hill where all my stuff is. I live with my nan but believe me, my stuff is safer at Bayston Hill than here, and also internet is so slow at this house WiFi remains unfound! There is a PC here, but it’s in the shed and it runs on Windows 95, it makes library computers look like an ITablet!

My next day off is Monday, so i’ll head to the library, give the website an update and a good clean up. Then I will aim for the cross stitch test!

Lucy xxx

Work Chic

Well, Lucy has done a blog about fashion at her workplace, so i’m going to do one about fashion at mine. Not so much what other people wear, more about the oh – so – flattering ‘uniforms’.

I work in a factory, one that makes and packages chocolates for companies such ad Mars, Nestle, Cadburys and Lindt. It’s not a very glamorous job, with it’s twelve hour shifts and all, but what tops the sarcastic glamour – ometer is the hairnets.

Your hairnet’s colour denotes your status. White for slave, green for trainee leader, red for ‘qualified’ team leader (though there is no test), and blue hats for supervisors. Only one supervisor actually wears a blue hat though. I think the others want to blend in to catch you out.

Along with this, you have white, thick cotton overalls. These look more like lab coats. If you have a blue polo and trousers, you fix machines. And if you wear warm clothes and a day – glo tabard, you are warehouse.

I am a white hat. I wear a lab coat. Here is me in my work uniform. Enjoy.



IPhone Fashion

I don’t own any IProducts. I find Apple technology immensely fussy when trying to connect it to a Windows powered computer. I used to own an IPod, and I used it for about two months, kept it for another four, then sold it back to CEX, only losing about ten whole pounds during that time. I don’t like the ITunes interface, and the whole syncing thing. It was a bit of a running joke in Uni that I shouldn’t be allowed near the Macs, because I got angry, confused and took twice as long to do any work on Photoshop. I’m much too stingy to replace my lovely Sony Xperia U with an IPhone, because IPhones feel like you could snap them in half with a misplaced and slightly heavy thumb. And when you update the firmware, it deletes all your contacts. But there are masses of cases and accessories out there for IPhones, and that is where I feel I am missing out. Mischa Barton, from something called The OC (up til now, I thought she was a Sugababe), has been working with a company called Uunique to make a range of IPhone and IPad cases ‘incorporating different types of embroidery and embossing and different fabric’. The range starts at £34.99, which seems a bit on the steep side to me, but if that seems like a nasty cheapo case to you, then maybe you should go for this one – …the Uunique London Lotus iPhone case, which it claims is the most expensive iPhone 5 case in the world. Decorated with 18-carat rose gold, pink and white diamonds, the Lotus case would set you back a mere £189,000. Quote taken from T3, The Gadget Website Here is the ‘world’s most expensive IPhone case’ –


I don’t like it. Maybe I don’t need an IPhone after all. Anyway. My phone has flashing lights and changeable caps.




Pictures and Chocolate For Kerry – MultipleMummy

As well as writing our own blogs, we do follow others. One we have been following for some time has been Multiple Mummy ‘s blog. Sadly, she has been seriously ill, and in hospital, for a matter of months now. Multiple Daddy says we should all tweet, using the hashing #healing4kerry, and eat chocolate. I also include this picture, because cats make everything better.


On a serious note though, get well soon. The blogging community misses you. #healing4kerry