An Ever Changing Rainbow

That is my hair. An ever changing rainbow.

I’ve been dyeing my hair since I was twelve or thirteen. My first experience was a trip to a hairdressers in Telford, when shopping with a friend. Danni and I used to go up town every Saturday at about 9am, my dad would take me, pick her up along the way, and off we’d go to town until about midday. Which is a feat in itself in Telford. This particular morning, I saw that the hairdressers were doing foils for either £5 or £10 each, I don’t remember. But I texted my dad and asked, and his usual one word text reply came. This one said ‘OK’.

So I booked in, had barely any time to wait, and my hair was done. A few burgundy streaks put into my mousey hair. And then the was no end to it.

I went onto Wella mousse, in the blue, rounded containers, then various others, until I settled on Directions, Schwarzkopf Live colours, and B Blonde.

Today my hair is going through the process of going white, a colour I haven’t managed to do yet. But this was my most recent colour.


So now, every time I dye my hair, I’ll give you an update, as it’s not that uncommon, and it adds a bit more to the fashion side to it all! Lucy will nit be joining us, however, because she STILL HASNT DYED HER HAIR. I did offer, but she never took it up!

Here is a gallery of some photos I could find.


This August




October 2011


Probably 2009/10


Early 2012


Magda's birthday, 2008


Uni era, Easter 2008



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