Extension, And Lots Of Work

Work has really took it’s toll recently. I had a cold that started in mid October, and only went away at the start of the week. I have now got another one, that started up Wednesday and fully hit yesterday.

My first TMA was due in on Monday this week, but working twelve hour shifts and doing a craft fair really screwed up my week, I had planned to write up my essay following the tutorial, but when it came to it, I was only left with Thursday, Friday and Saturday to do it in. My computer wasn’t playing ball on Thursday and took multiple attempts to fire up, so I stopped in frustration. I emailed my tutor asking for an extension, who finally got back to me on the Monday (so I was worried the whole weekend), and he said it was fine. He is off to York this week, so I am to send it to him next weekend. I’m fine with that, as W has rehearsal on Tuesday so i’ll have an empty house and quiet to concentrate in. Even if it isn’t finished, i’ll go back to work on Wednesday, possibly Thursday, then will have Friday and Saturday to finish it. I don’t see how i’ll have much to do after a few hours of work on Tuesday night though, it IS only 750 words, about two pages. The referencing will take longer than the essay!

Then it’s onto TMA02. A bit longer, with an essay plan, but much easier, as we’re to work from textbooks for that one!


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