TMA01 Submitted!

I have finally, after my lengthy extension, submitted my first essay, TMA01. My tutor was away for the last week, so he said I could submit it at the weekend, as he wouldn’t be around to pick it up until then anyway.

After finding the transcripts of the DVD in the alternative formats section of StudentHome, and reading through them to remember what I had seen, I started my essay. The 750 word one.  It took two hours in total, which I think is good going. I’m not sure I rushed it, given that I did a 1500 word essay in four hours for Wolverhampton Uni and got a high B grade for it.

I’m bothered about my mark, naturally, but with it being only 5% of my final mark for the year, i’m not going to die if I get 30% or 40%, I think 30% is the minimum pass mark. I can’t see me getting less than that really!

I have also ‘left’ the Facebook group for DD101 module. I found that the group was not adding anything to my studies, and I was sick to the back teeth of updates from people saying ‘I’ve started reading the new book LOLZ’.


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