Victoria’s Secret Model Wears TOO Much . . . For Once

Native American Indian war bonnets are very special indeed. Spiritual, magical and symbolic, they protect the warrior from harm when going into battle. Each feather had to be earned through good or brave deeds in battle, and some warriors earnt as few as two or three in their lifetime. These are now purely ceremonial, but still highly regarded.

So imagine the shock when this happened –


This is the Victoria’s Secret model, Karlie Kloss. She, and the company themselves, came under fire last week and had to issue an apology to a whole race of people for the combination of scant underwear and a ceremonial, symbolic headdress.  Some people came out in support of VS, saying the Natives should ‘get over it’.

On the other hand, imagine if it was a kippah, kufi, or hijab. I’m sure they wouldn’t even think of those . . . Nah, just ‘get over it’. Who cares, right?



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