IPhone Fashion

I don’t own any IProducts. I find Apple technology immensely fussy when trying to connect it to a Windows powered computer. I used to own an IPod, and I used it for about two months, kept it for another four, then sold it back to CEX, only losing about ten whole pounds during that time. I don’t like the ITunes interface, and the whole syncing thing. It was a bit of a running joke in Uni that I shouldn’t be allowed near the Macs, because I got angry, confused and took twice as long to do any work on Photoshop. I’m much too stingy to replace my lovely Sony Xperia U with an IPhone, because IPhones feel like you could snap them in half with a misplaced and slightly heavy thumb. And when you update the firmware, it deletes all your contacts. But there are masses of cases and accessories out there for IPhones, and that is where I feel I am missing out. Mischa Barton, from something called The OC (up til now, I thought she was a Sugababe), has been working with a company called Uunique to make a range of IPhone and IPad cases ‘incorporating different types of embroidery and embossing and different fabric’. The range starts at £34.99, which seems a bit on the steep side to me, but if that seems like a nasty cheapo case to you, then maybe you should go for this one – …the Uunique London Lotus iPhone case, which it claims is the most expensive iPhone 5 case in the world. Decorated with 18-carat rose gold, pink and white diamonds, the Lotus case would set you back a mere £189,000. Quote taken from T3, The Gadget Website Here is the ‘world’s most expensive IPhone case’ –


I don’t like it. Maybe I don’t need an IPhone after all. Anyway. My phone has flashing lights and changeable caps.





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