Work Chic

Well, Lucy has done a blog about fashion at her workplace, so i’m going to do one about fashion at mine. Not so much what other people wear, more about the oh – so – flattering ‘uniforms’.

I work in a factory, one that makes and packages chocolates for companies such ad Mars, Nestle, Cadburys and Lindt. It’s not a very glamorous job, with it’s twelve hour shifts and all, but what tops the sarcastic glamour – ometer is the hairnets.

Your hairnet’s colour denotes your status. White for slave, green for trainee leader, red for ‘qualified’ team leader (though there is no test), and blue hats for supervisors. Only one supervisor actually wears a blue hat though. I think the others want to blend in to catch you out.

Along with this, you have white, thick cotton overalls. These look more like lab coats. If you have a blue polo and trousers, you fix machines. And if you wear warm clothes and a day – glo tabard, you are warehouse.

I am a white hat. I wear a lab coat. Here is me in my work uniform. Enjoy.




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