WinsAndWounds – 2012 In Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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Mainstream Fashion of 2012 – A Review – George

I was scanning my news app today for interesting and amusing articles in the fashion world (I do indeed have a tab for fashion), and I came across this article from The Guardian –

Worst Ideas of 2012 – The Onesie

I read it, as you would.  Whilst sitting here in MY onesie.  So what’s so bad about the onesie?  The article seems to focus on people wearing it outside.  Now, W has seen people wearing them round Asda and town, and has come home and commented on it.  I, however, have only seen students come from halls (right next to Asda) and then go back home.

Who cares if you wear it out?  Yeah, you look like a complete moron, but most people do when they wear their inside clothes outside.  Though they do double up as great fancy dress costumes, as Lucy and I saw when we had our early Christmas in Wetherspoons.

Ugg boots are still in fashion.  I don’t really like them.  What are they good for?  When we had a terrible downpour and I walked to the bus stop for the coach to pick us up for work, half the girls were wearing Uggs, both real and fake.  For the next 14 hours, including travel and a 12 hour shift on our feet, everyone had soggy shoes.  My shoes (mostly) dried up by the end of the day.  But those in Uggs still had wet watermarks past their ankles.  Plus I had a fake pair once, and my right foot would slide over the sole on the inside edge. Very sore.  And i’m not the only one who has complained of this.

Skinny jeans are still very, very in.  I now own three pairs, in acid green, white denim with black heart print, and stonewash black with white stars.  W doesn’t like them, so I dont actually wear them that much.  But it you can make them work, they can look good.  My biggest grievance is when size 20 women ‘pour’ themselves into them (wait for the backlash…).  The women round here are normal women.   Of course they are.  Some of them are also quote rough, they wear their velour trackies and makeup, badly done in bright colours.  And these type of people should not be allowed to attempt to wear something that takes a bit of effort to wear.  Another issue I have is that shops still don’t have universal sizes, they’re all slightly different.  My George at Asda ones in 12 are slightly baggy.  My Primark ones in 12 are tight all over.  And my non – brand ones, well, they’re not over my thighs yet.  All the same size?  Hmmm… If you say.

Leggings?  LEGGINGS?  Well.  Just no.  They’re good on cold days under jeans, and for doing sport.  Also for wearing with dresses.  And my personal favourite, a pair of 3/4 cargo trousers with clashing leggings.  But don’t just go out in leggings.  One girl I walked behind during Fresher’s week had leggings so small, and so tight, I saw the pattern on her underwear.  True story.

Vintage fashion is BIG BIG BIG.  This is not really something I could comment on though.  It’s just not my scene.  I really don’t like the wartime fashion.  It wasn’t made to be liked, anyway.

And these bloody tacky Christmas jumpers.  Are people wearing them ironically, or do they actually like them now?  My friend even made his own…

On the men’s side, I quite like the Ivy League look.  I’ll leave you with that…


What I’m Looking Forward To For The Rest Of 2012

People never remember it until the last minute, but I remember it around the start of December. It’s something that gets me GENUINELY excited. It’s the New Year’s Honours List. Last year I did a review on my blog for Moliere Design, which I no longer maintain. So for our 100th post, a joint effort will be undertaken to review the list, and thank all the people on it for all their hard work. Even the lollipop ladies. This year’s odds are pretty slim pickings at the bookmakers. Nobody seems to be taking bets, except for these –


PaddyPower probably have it right on the money, so to speak. Maybe something for Murray. He did win the doubles, and that’s probably all he’s going to see at Wimbledon 😦 Any thoughts, people?

Reading, Reading, Reading

So, the festivities are mostly over.  The gap in between Christmas and New Year is usually a few days back at work followed by one night of drinking and a deathlike lingering overtone of hangover at work on the 2nd.  I, however, have no shifts until at least the 5th.  My shifts haven’t come in for that week yet.  Therefore, I shall be reading.  And essaying.

I have 100 of the 150 pages left to read, and I haven’t written more for the first part of my TMA yet.  But that’s what the next few days are for.


2013 Trend Guide – Lucy

Whilst indulging in my copy of Elle magazine and looking at all the 2013 trend previews, two caught my eye.  The first was a section explaining that this year was a print extravaganza, so the 2013 fashion antidote is simple chic focussing on cut and simple details.  Put your high street look alike Mary Katrantzou dress away in a protective costume cover, and focus on plain simple chic pieces i.e. suits from Next, Warehouse and Dorothy Perkins with accessories from Zara and Whistles, not NDubz inspired bling from New Look and Rihanna diva earrings from TopShop.

Next it focused on film inspired coming soon to a shopping centre /Asos near you, and my fave is The Great Gatsby trend, glamour splendor.  For this, simply keep your Christmas outfits, sequin dresses, clutches and metallic heels, and maybe nip to River Island or Forever21 if you want to do a Marilyn punk star look.  A flapper dress with leather jacket, instead of the usual strictly ballroom flapper dress with woollen tweed coat. 

Addtionally, after looking at all the gorgeous dresses of the year, I turned to the Elle front cover star dresses, from Gaga and McQueen in January, to Diaz and Chanel this December.  My favorite has to be JessieJ in Giles Deacon, the dress IS to me splendor and simply cut, chic.  To me this is the only dress I would POSSIBLY PERHAPS wear with … dare I type it … flats.  I’ll definitely try to find a high street twin to this dress.

I love Christmas, because we all know the sales are coming closer and closer, like the Daleks from Doctor Who coming up the stairs.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Lucy xx