Hair Shopping!

It’s not quite a hair update, but today I went hair shopping. A friend at work suggested I went for purple, so I went out and bought some Directions ‘Violet’ colour from a stand in the shopping centre, as my usual shop is closed on Sundays. I like Directions, it’s simple and takes about 20 minutes to fully set in on bleached hair. I usually leave it for about half an hour, as it is ammonia and peroxide free so NO DAMAGE YAY! Then, I saw the afro carribean hair shop was open. It’s called ‘Afro Hair and Beauty World’. I’ve been in there before, but it was when I had no money. Today, I had some, so I went to buy some ‘Crazy Color’ by Renbow. I have been wanting to buy from this shop for some time, because this hair dye, you see, is £4 on the Renbow site. I bought it from the shop for £1.89. That is how THIS happened –


We have, left to right – Crazy Color ‘Fire’ no. 56 Crazy Color ‘Marshmallow’ no. 64 Crazy Color ‘Bubblegum Blue’ no. 63 Crazy Color ‘Pinkissimo’ no. 42 La Riche Directions ‘Violet’ You shouldn’t always judge a hair dye by the colour it is in the container when you buy it, but I took all the lids off to take a look anyway.


These are shown in the same order as the previous picture. When paying, I noticed some leave in conditioning treatments, so I bought some of that too. For 99p!


I’ll use all of these (hair updates!), and maybe do a review? I promise, we’ll start reviewing . . . and blogging more . . . George


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