Change To My Pathway

The OU has two pathways when you enrol.  One is called ‘Standard Pathway’, which is study over 25%, and there’s ‘Intensive Pathway’, which is equivalent to full – time study.  When I enrolled, I was still unsure of the financials of the OU being part – time, even though you can study at the normal intensity of a full – time student.  When I found out I could be classed as a part – time student even when doing the degree course as if it was full time, I decided I would enrol for the February on the additional module.

That time has come.  After emailing the student support team, back and forth for the past few days, l I am now enrolled to start my second 60 credit module (making it 120 a year, full – time equivalent) in the coming February.  The module is W100 Rules, Rights and Justice: an Introduction to Law.  This was an option module, I got to choose which one I did.  I didn’t fancy the others much.

I don’t know if I have to call Student Finance England and tell them, I shall have to check.  My learning materials are due to be sent on the 11th of January, and this will be my first law based study since my failed attempt at AS Law back in college.  It was very similar to my AS Government and Politics course for the first year, and I dropped it after less than two months.  I’m excited!  This is what I want to be doing, not sociology!  Now it’s starting to feel like criminology!


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