If The Name Fits… Gaga’s Newest Fashion ‘Statement’

Lady Gaga is just a tad mental.  I like her music, for what it is, but I don’t really like HER.  It’s nothing I can put my finger on really, but maybe it’s her constant LOOK AT ME I’M KOOKY fashion sense.  I’ve been accused of this, yes, with my hair.  But I’m not going out to the shops thinking ‘What’s the most fucked up colour I can dye my hair this week?’.  To people who know me, those at work and so on, it has become a thing I do.  But Ms. Germanotta will have people taking photos of her WHATEVER she wears, so what on earth compelled her to wear THIS –


It’s not practical, fashionable, or even making a statement.  It just makes her look stupid.


The oh – so – famous ‘meat dress’ could be interpreted in so many ways.  Women are meat / seen as meat / other feminist cries, it can be a statement for some animal rights / vegetarian / vegan thing, whatever you want.  This though?  Pass.



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