The Middle Beckham Models!

Romeo Beckham has a job, it appears. The lil ten year old has landed himself a job with Burberry. In hindsight, people are saying ‘Oh yeah, I saw that coming’ because he wore Burberry to the premiere of Viva Forever!. But face it, with a mum like his, that could just be normal. He’s probably got a wardrobe FULL of it. Shot by Mario Testino, the man behind the Duke and Duchess’ engagement portrait, this shoot feels a bit like Singing in the Rain. You know, the film? And I don’t think it is just because of the umbrella.


Romeo's Shoot


Singing in the Rain

Wouldn’t make me want to buy one any more than I do now, but I don’t know, i’m not a fashion conscious ten year old. Or an over – spending, chavvy mummy. Doesn’t he look like his father though?



What other job could he do though? Maybe he’ll go into acting? James Bond for 2050? George


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