New Year’s Eve Style At Work

This year I worked the New Year’s eve shift, and boy did I witness some outfits! Some I wish I had images to illustrate, and some thank god I don’t!

LBDs I saw a lot, some from Topshop and some from New Look, drenched in faux pearls and gold with high heels. Saw the odd jumpsuit, mostly navy and black but there was a really smart printed one, Laura Ashley would be proud of was. I was going to ask where it was from, but the customer was bit too ‘giddy’, shall we say!

Lads let themselves down in my opinion. I saw the odd few Made In Chelsea lookalikes, all suited up, but then as per usual the Lacoste polo shirts came in their thousands, teamed with jeans. Topman and Topshop did well this party season in Shrewsbury, along with Telford’s Primark.

Rumour has it that Primark wants resisdence in Shrewsbury. The up side i see to this is that Dorothy Perkins would be empty for me!

Lucy x


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