Fashion Remembrance

Whilst reading my Vogue on Chanel book, indulging in her ideas and statements to match, I began to think, what will the fashion world hold high as precious as the first ever Chanel No 5, or Dior’s historic New Look collection?

From this present era of techno must haves and latest celeb team ups, maybe it will be the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, shown on everyones HD – TV – smart – phone – xBox – laptop. Mcqueen’s last collection he gave to us from his magic crafting hands is very high up on the fashion pedestal, and firmly should be. The Katrantzou’s craze i.e. the Mary Katrantzou lampshade dress with prints of bold and beautiful colour, with every high street shop having their own avant-garde version (this was the counterpart creak of the door that presented us with the peplum trend). Stella McCartney, the genius behind the London 2012 Olympic sports look, literally for the first time made me want to have a P.E. kit, but then I ironed one of my favourite day shift dresses and thoughts of P.E. were long gone. Saying that, I do think gym bags are good, if they’rein a colour that will duet an outfit well, and is also big enough for all those shopping carrier bags.

Iconic moments of culture and fashion events, with technology at hand to look back on and relive your ultimate favourite moment. Electonic devices and non – electronic resources will help teach and inspire future textiles pupils of these masterfully skilled moments, but in the future I would like to see a series of books on Britain’s high street shops, Vogue on Marks and Spencer’s, Vogue on Topshop, Vogue on New Look etc., to illustrate and demonstrate how British fashion enterprises marked the high street pavements, each in their individual way. France and Italy continue to add to their legendary lists of mannequin magicians, as well as America and the rest of Europe respectfully, with their sewing kits at hand.

British fashion is individual. We THRIVE and LUST on imagination and hem lines. The high street offers us that for a price more affordable, while saving up for couture, enabling everyone to have their own personal connection remembrance of today’s fashion era.

Lucy xx


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