Search Engine Results

I check my blog stats every day. Usually more than I probably should. It’s exciting to me, seeing people read what i’ve written. I do it maybe one an hour, for both blogs, as I also co – author WinsAndWounds, a loosely fashion / life type of blog, along with my friend Lucy.

So when I checked my stats today, I found that one of you had found this blog through searching the ESSAY TITLE! Then, a bit later, another person!


Were you hoping to find a pre – written essay maybe? Naughty naughty! Or just some help? Fair enough.

So I searched for TMA03 myself. And as it happens, The Impulsive Student is the top result!


So, thanks for all the clicks, and views, and visitors, as that all helps me rank higher. But, I will be watching what I write even closer now, as you really shouldn’t be searching for help on the oh – so – trusty interwebs…


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